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  • Association Between Characteristics/Proportions and you can Fear of No Cellphone Connections (nomophobia): Results of an effective Lebanese Federal Data
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Association Between Characteristics/Proportions and you can Fear of No Cellphone Connections (nomophobia): Results of an effective Lebanese Federal Data

Joseph Age. Dib, PhD a beneficial ; Rabih Hallit, MD b ; Marwan Akel, PharmD, Miles per hour, PhD c ; Clarissa Chalhoub, MD b ; Maria Hachem, MD b ; Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Mph b,d,elizabeth,‡, *; and you can Sahar Obeid, PhD f,‡


Objective: To review nomophobia inside a giant try from Lebanese grownups get it on yГјkle and you can its experience of characteristics and other sociodemographic products that subscribe the newest medical diagnosis like gender, adult reputation, and smoking.

Methods: It mix-sectional research are presented ranging from . A total of dos,260 residents at random picked out of areas from inside the Lebanon accomplished a survey regarding sociodemographic trait and you can smoking. Respondents along with complete the brand new Nomophobia Questionnaire, Personality Index to have DSM-5, and you will NEO Five-Grounds Directory.

Results: The outcomes out-of a good linear regression, taking the nomophobia get due to the fact created variable, revealed that high neuroticism (B = 0.648), number of waterpipes used per week (B = 0.749), and disinhibition (B = 0.706) have been rather associated with the large nomophobia, while so much more agreeableness (B = ?0.535) and you may detachment (B = ?0.594) were significantly of the all the way down nomophobia.

Organization Ranging from Character traits/Proportions and you can Fear of No Cellular phone Associations (nomophobia): Results of an effective Lebanese Federal Studies

Conclusions: This study reviewed the version out of intrinsic character traits using dos verified identification forms in addition to their organization with nomophobia. Just like the electronic explore becomes more prevalent in this personal and you can elite factors out of existence, nomophobia you’ll getting a fear exposure. Future studies is run precautionary and you may therapy actions in the particular sense strategies.

So you’re able to mention: Dib JE, Hallit R, Akel M, ainsi que al. Connection ranging from characteristics/size and you may anxiety about zero cellphone associations (nomophobia): outcome of a great Lebanese national investigation. Prim Care Partner CNS Disord. 2022;24(5):21m03036. To talk about:

a department regarding Psychiatry and you may Systematic Mindset, College away from Drug, University away from Nottingham, Nottingham, British b College from Medication and Medical Sciences, Holy Spirit College or university off Kaslik, Jounieh, Lebanon c College or university regarding Pharmacy, Lebanese Globally College, Beirut, Lebanon d Browse Institution, Psychological Medical of one’s Mix, Jal Eddib, Lebanon elizabeth Therapy Agencies, School out of Humanities, Effat College or university, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia f Personal and you can Training Sciences Agencies, College or university of Arts and Sciences, Lebanese Western University, Jbeil, Lebanon ‡History co-people. *Involved people: Souheil Hallit, PharmD, PhD, MSc, Mph, School out-of Medication and Scientific Sciences, Holy Spirit College or university of Kaslik, PO Package 446, Jounieh, Lebanon () and you may Sahar Obeid, PhD, Social and you can Training Sciences Agencies, University out-of Arts and you can Sciences, Lebanese Western College, Jbeil, Lebanon ().

The fresh new previously-increasing access to electronic tools including pcs, tablets, and you will cell phones is resulting in alterations in individuals’ habits and you will conclusion. step one Nomophobia, identified as a concern, discomfort, and you can anxiety one to arises from new nonavailability of them digital equipment, dos has been entitled a condition of one’s globalization and only has come found in recent past. Hence, their offer to have introduction regarding current DSM-5 is still upwards to possess argument, step three towards the DSM-IV cuatro proclaiming that to possess a formal medical diagnosis of social fear infection becoming made, nomophobia have to be causing a serious interference in the an essential town of your own person’s lifetime (entertainment, personal life, work). Right now, it is hard to determine what comprises the full analysis instead than just attributes of infection. step three Warning signs of nomophobia on the books depict it as an effective infection having one another anxiety and you will addictive routines instance being anxious on getting in the place of mobile or internet access, always checking getting announcements (labeled as ringxiety), preferring digital communication over actual-day communication, and you will taking on personal debt or high expenses of smartphone have fun with. 3 Because of the large amount out-of books on nomophobia, it may be contended that illness remains understudied on account of the newest differing general things regarding the it such as personality traits, group things, and you can substance have fun with, 5 and therefore this study commonly seek to address.

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