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Making a paper plate sheep craft with cotton balls is fun! For a more frugal, yet less fluffy, alternative, this paper plate craft can be also made using punched paper circles or by wrinkling and gluing tissue paper. Rainbow fish or a regular fish, this paper plate activity is great for fine motor skills.

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  • Paper snowflakes have to be one of the original paper crafts!
  • With all of these limitless options, where should you begin?
  • This creative paper craft makes a good giveaway gift that you can make easily using different colors.
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The Big Paper activity can also be structured as a Gallery Walk. In this arrangement, Big Papers are taped to the walls or placed on tables, and students comment on the Big Papers in silence, at their own pace. Sometimes teachers assign students, often in pairs or triads, to a particular Big Paper and then have them switch to the next one after five or ten minutes.

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Also, before the activity starts, the teacher should ask students if they have questions, to minimize the chance that students will interrupt the silence once it has begun. You can also remind students of their task as they begin each new step. As soon as you start thinking about what to write about, then it’s a good idea to sit down and write down the topic for about 10 minutes.

These wobbling paper plate penguins are adorable. Make them, poke them and watch them wobble. This is a wonderful rainbow craft and it also helps with the color sorting. You can easily swap buttons with tissue paper, torn paper, pom poms or any other more frugal materiel. To fix a broken zipper, convert a paper clip into a DIY zipper pull. Simply thread the paper clip through the loop on the zipper, then pull on the clip when you need to zip and unzip your clothing.

Cross dowels; lash together by wrapping and tying twine around the point where they intersect. Place dowels on back side of one piece of paper (use the 19-inch dowel for the vertical, and the 16-inch one for the horizontal). Brush glue on smaller pieces of paper, and adhere them over the dowels to larger piece of paper at each of the four corners; let dry. Cut another piece of twine to the desired length for hanging kite. Poke a small hole through paper where dowels intersect; thread twine through for hanging. To create tail, cut a long length of twine, and cut crepe paper into four by one-and-one-half strips.

Finally, debrief the process with the large group. The conversation can begin with a simple prompt such as, “What did you learn from doing this activity? ” This is the time to delve deeper into the content and use ideas on the Big Papers to draw out students’ thoughts. The discussion can also touch upon the importance and difficulty of staying silent and students’ level of comfort with this activity. First, you will need to select the “stimulus”—the material that students will respond to. A stimulus might consist of questions, quotations, historical documents, excerpts from novels, poetry, or images.

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They use photo transfers to make one of a kind wearable masterpieces. Use your colored pages as the cover of a book or journal. Print or photocopy the black and white design onto heavy card stock.