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I know it all the won’t count ultimately

Only chillen fundamentally, getting together with hillary, jess, papa, and you may tony

Well hiram, whats upwards? this might be extended comiing perhaps. not much. Do you state whos tony? really tony is actually. a fascinating state. For everyone intents and you can intentions they are my personal boyfriend, and i inturn have always been their partner. Yet not we cannot reach check that frequently lately given that the guy works all gosh darn time, such past the guy spent some time working 12 (12) era. My goodness. and so i find yourself with crazy during the him when its not really their fault. me? overreact? never ever! haha

—————–Perhaps you have——————* Ever come therefore intoxicated you blacked aside: my nineteenth birthday celebration* Missed school as it is actually pouring: I’ve resided home of college while it is pouring in advance of. hmmm. does that number?* Set a human anatomy part unstoppable to possess enjoyment: I single white my personal socks ablaze by accident. * Come harm mentally: sure :(* Remaining a secret of folk: I’ve but i’m not pretty good in the it.* Got a fictional friend: nope* Cried during a movie: a great deal, I recently can not help it to* Had a good break on the an instructor: My personal fifth values societal training teacher ow-ow!* Ever thought a moving reputation is actually gorgeous?: No * Got a unique Kids on the market recording: nope I’d a great pin that have joey’s face on they though* Been on-stage: yup* Cut your tresses: whenever i got bangs i did so. it style of is disaterous. I do not very speak about they. hehe—————-FAVORITES————— —* Shampoo: Tresseme Be noticed however, i havent managed to see it to own awhile* Color: environmentally friendly (erin wade braugh!)* Day/Night: evening * Summer/Winter: i enjoy both a lot I dont such as spring season/fall * Lace or satin: fabric! j/k* Fave anime Letters: don’t have one * Fave Dinner: mmmmmmmmmm Best Rib* Fave Post: I favor the latest cheezy used car resource ads, he or she is simply so cheap the comedy to me* Fave Film: Very Girl* Fave Frozen dessert: Delicious chocolate Peanut Butter * Fave Topic: Math * Fave ‘normal’ Drink: obvious pop music* Fave on the web individual: Katey stephany

—————-Nowadays——————* Wearing: an a&F light blue shirt and deep blue pants* Locks are: not even dry from my personal shower* I am effect: exhausted and finding you to definitely cuddle having* Dinner : de nada* Drinking: aqua* Thinkin throughout the: exactly who i could snuggle with* Hearing: nas “stillmatic” the an amazing Video game* Talkin to help you: me

What possess we come your responsibility inquire?

—————In the last 24 Many hours——————* Cried: no* Used a skirt: i was thinking from the dressed in you to definitely* Met some one The fresh new: Yup* Cleared your room: uh. no* Done laundry: nope * Drove a car or truck: perhaps basically had insurance policies. or an auto. or a great driver’s liscense

—————Do you consider Inside——————* Yourself: within the gerneral* Friends: however!!* Santa claus: We accustomed. * Enamel Fairy: perhaps not today* Destiny/Fate: no* Angels: brand of* Ghosts: No* UFOs: No—————–Household members And you may Lifetime——————* Have you got a date/spouse?: No* Including somebody?: We generally have a break into such as for example seven people on once* Who has got the newest loudest: I am usually the loudest of all my friends however, Vickie is going to be fairly loud when she’s toe-up* Who’s the fresh new shyest: Hillary will likely be timid either* That has the newest weirdest: i am able to beginning to reveal which one* That do you visit having recommendations: my dad* That do your cry so you can: Kate* After you cried the essential: When my brother’s wife died* Whats an educated impression around the world: success* Worst perception: loneliness* Very first level teacher’s identity: Sister Catherine Marie * past keyword(s) you said: Bye Andee!!* history song you performed: Rewind from the Nas* history people you hugged: Jess Miele* past day online: I’m constantly for the for example a beneficial losa* history date your cried: When my personal moms and dads introduced me personally dining once i was ill* what exactly is on your own cd user: try not to have one, in the missy’s; stoner musical* what color clothes will you be wear: easily had clean socks they’d prolly be white* what exactly is below your bed: missys sleep and dresser as well as 2 nipple fest tees* exactly what big date do you awaken today: hungover at 7:51———– ++Future++ ————–* in which do you need to go: scholar college* what is your work going to be: Statistician* where do you want to live: Around the rest of my loved ones* exactly how many kids how would you like: two* what sort of vehicle do you actually have: a beneficial Delourean———— ++Randomness++ ————-* newest liking: water. * newest smelling: my personal deodarant* current pc picture: me personally, vickie, annale, andee, missy, ajb, scott, steve, md, and you will dave smith* newest book: Calculus* current time: 5:02* most recent dislike: sleep alone * story trailing your username: parts of my label + my b date (i’m sure I understand perhaps not innovative)* past Cd that you purchased: Anything Corporate “running out-of a window”* favorite destination to feel: this new blazer* minimum favourite put: cops route* time you wake up am: with regards to really varies* for those who you can expect to playany device: harmonica* do you consider into the a keen afterlife?: yup* exactly how high are you currently?: 5’2 and you may step three/4* favorite 12 months: summer* favorite time: friday* input a column on the final thing your had written to someone: good

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