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14 Garage and Shed Organization Tips That Will Help You Streamline Your Space

Make the most of your next home decluttering project with these 23 budget friendly, DIY, and simple garage organization ideas. My holes come from dragging the cans around but you can even drill a couple of large ones on purpose. I started off with an old door up on sawhorses as my workbench, and a miter saw as my only power tool. It saves you garage floor space, making it to where you can create some other usage for the area. Don’t forget that wire shelving also shines on walls. But it was there and we had to work around it. Especially when your priority is getting as much equipment as possible whilst also parking your car and using the area for home storage. Maybe there are even some items you can sell. One way to organize your bins even further is to place labels on each one as well. Most home centers carry only hardboard pegboard, but you’ll find other materials by searching online for ‘metal pegboard’ or ‘plastic pegboard. The organization is just oh so good. Impactful Habits, Organized Home. Wire baskets and clear plastic containers are visually appealing while also making it easy to see what’s inside. Mount this garage storage idea near your work area so you don’t have to go far for what you need. Photo via @beeneat and organized. You can use vertical shoe racks, a boot rack, or stackable plastic shoe boxes for your footwear depending on the available space. And speaking of smelly items. Seal small gaps with caulk, larger ones with expandable spray foam. Why not make that dream a reality by building a sports storage locker just like the pros. ” It’s constructed of steel, easy to mount, and fully adjustable. Register the two marks before passing the workpiece over the blade. Opaque bins are great for hiding all of our necessary but not pretty items and making them look organized. I used your garage as inspiration for organizing mine. Cardboard concrete forming tubes are inexpensive and provide a great place to store baseball bats, long handled tools and rolls of just about anything. I can’t wait to show you our small laundry room makeover. Gladiator GarageWorks Overhead Storage Rack.

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With a knack for writing and editing, she covers decorating, home improvement, cleaning, organizing, and more for BHG. If you have a garage refrigerator, hang lighter items from super strong magnetic hooks on the side. We used another SKADIS pegboard + hooks to organize some of our cleaning supplies, and it has worked like a charm. Let me know in the comments below. You can even create a wall mounted fishing rod organizer to store your long fishing rods. For example: 48 by 96 inch white hardboard pegboard; lowes. Not sure if I can attach a photo here. Their slatted design makes it easy to move shelving and hooks anywhere along the panel. But there are long stretches when it just gets in the way of everything else in your garage. By: Copley Sutton • 100 Best Garage Storage To Hide The Mess. But it has worked well for us. I planned our our zones before I bought even one shelf or bin so I could be sure everything would fit neatly. In most areas the morning is prime time. Paint it and then use baskets instead of bins to store items in. Click on any of the links below to be taken to the products from this post. Related: 5 Garage Makeovers That Will Inspire Your Own. I would love to see it. Organizing pros estimate that only 30 percent of us store our cars in the garage. This post is for you and everyone who loves a good closet. Protect bulky seasonal decorations like artificial trees and wreaths from garage dust and dirt by storing them in canvas storage bags. Luckily, a permanent DIY garage solution is only a weekend away with our easy to build storage towers that are an attractive and ingenious way to provide easy access to your bins.

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46 Try a wall pocket organizer

Don’t toss those baby food jars. Use of this site is subject to certain Terms Of Use. Or, choose a shed in the backyard to open up more space in your current garage. Storing items this way keeps them clearly visible, utilizes empty space and improves functionality. Since we had many, many items to store, we wanted to use as much of the space as possible, so we opted to use a wall mounted shelving system. By her garage entry for an easy and convenient place to stash commonly used tools and gadgets. Definitely one of my favorite home projects to date. Possibly discontinued. Since sharing pictures of our garage, I have had people tell me that not every garage has a hose bib. Prior to graduation, she was inducted into the Kappa Tau Alpha honor society, which recognizes academic excellence in the field of journalism.

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6 Create a cleaning supplies hanger

Some of the technologies we use are necessary for critical functions like security and site integrity, account authentication, security and privacy preferences, internal site usage and maintenance data, and to make the site work correctly for browsing and transactions. It’s easy for sports equipment to become a jumbled mess, but these tips will get your space organized in no time. Put them all in a box, and you will never have to fight through tangled cords or play the guessing game about what each cord belongs to again. For those oddly shaped pieces, we had to find a different solution, and Gladiator’s track system ended up being perfect. You might need to get serious with a 10 tier metal rack like the kind you see in department store sale sections. And more often than not, over time they become more of a cluttered mess than a clean space to park your car. Earn a 10% Costco Shop Card. You can place several side by side or just a couple. He has all of his plumbing tools in one organized toolbox and all of his electrical supplies in another. This approach is simple, fast, and economical; the materials cost about $250. You can also use hooks mounted on to the joists and the old favorite; metal shelving racks. It just keeps things so much tidier. Depending on your wall space, you may be able to set up rail storage at different levels. You’re a scrounger, let’s face it, that’s part of the problem. For ambient light, opt for 4 foot fluorescent fixtures with electronic ballasts, which give flicker free light and work well in cold temps. Organize your auto lubricants, fluids, and other items in this simple shelf/work table cabinet. The modular cubbies give each child hanging storage for coats and backpacks, a top cabinet for supplies, and a lower basket for their outdoor gear. Power Tool Storage Tool Holder, $56+, Etsy. One thing we don’t do at all to make use of our vertical wall space or our overhead space either. We walk through it every time we enter and exit the house. For example: Husky; homedepot. This way, I am able to use them multiple times. For items that can’t fit on a pegboard, another simple garage wall storage idea is to build slat walls. Written By: Pamela Belmonte.

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We may store our tools in the basement, but I know many people store them in the garage, so I wanted to be sure I mentioned this. Watch this how to video with steps for a simple one person shelving project. Unlike the basement, we and others see the garage a decent amount. Space them 4 feet apart and use as many as you need to see well at night. Take two pieces of 1×4 lumber any scrap lumber will do and create some simple, cheap, and useful brackets on the wall. It’ll create a mudroom inside your garage. The panels of this heavy duty PVC slat wall system are lightweight, durable, and click into place horizontally or vertically so you can customize your storage wall to your liking. Her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Lifehacker, Money Magazine, U. This reel keeps the hose contained. For assembly, all you need is a screwdriver, and you can build it in about 15 to 30 minutes, according to reviewers. You can also opt for freestanding cabinets; just make sure to anchor them to avoid tipping. It’s time to change that. Add labels to keep things separated as needed. Prices and availability of products and services are subject to change without notice. Looking for Home Gym Storage Solutions. Local store prices may vary from those displayed. Com, and plan to tackle the project when you’ll have a few days of temperate, 50 to 80 degree weather for adequate drying time. I have always loved pegboards. The Styler from LG gives a whole new meaning to getting ready.

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Look on Facebook Marketplace, at yard sales or in thrift stores for lockers. Visit the Simpson Strong Tie® blog for the tutorial and click the link below for the free plans. More durable than cardboard boxes, plastic bins, baskets and tubs offer storage solutions for an assortment of different common household items. The strips will also allow you to mount screw on hooks to the wall for heavy items like bikes and wheelbarrows. You can do many weekend projects on your workbench. Keep a clear path to the outside so you can easily move them to the curb. This nifty corner shelf unit takes advantage of existing studs, and it’s fast, easy, and cheap. That dingy concrete slab will look even more drab once you’ve tidied up. For Busch, this means choosing shelves over cabinets. We keep our muddy shoes and boots in the garage, along with rollerblades. While finding a spot for all the large, bulky tools and sports gear, don’t overlook all the little bits and bobs that need somewhere to live. And I’m so thrilled you stopped by. Create pegboard walls by running 1×3 strips horizontally at the top and bottom of the panel and every 16 in. Looking for a place to store your random garage items. These DIY rolling shelf units are the storage solution you’ve been looking for at a fraction of the cost of retail options. They are the perfect hook for holding a torch, rake, broom, mop – anything with a handle basically. Novogratz Cache 2 Door Metal Locker Storage, Mint Cabinet. 10 Free Printable Closet Cleaning Checklists50 Decluttering Tips155 Best Organizing Tips and Ideas.

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Good to hear that I’m on the right track. Just install angled “ball ramps” made from scrap wood. Not a very ‘pretty’ solution but one that met my cheapskate philosophy. But even hanging bikes can take up a bunch of room. This allowed us to take the shelving up as high as we wanted to, as opposed to shelves that sit on the floor and only go so high. I can’t wait to put some of these ideas into use when we finally. Space them 4 feet apart and use as many as you need to see well at night. It almost makes you want to rake OK, that one may be going a little far. Jessica Bennett is the digital assistant home editor at Better Homes and Gardens. This garage storage solution is great for massive storage walls, keeping tools over a workbench, or adding a coat and bag rack next to your door. Source: @uniquelyannaca via Instagram. It takes up way less space in the garage.

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If you want to see my video with all my best garage sale tips ready to set you up for a successful garage sale, then click below to view it. You can place everything on one side, hide them in some corner or try this overhead garage storage hack. A slatwall storage system creates versatile hanging space on your garage walls by using various hanging accessories to keep items neatly stored. Chances are you’ve seen a wrench, ratchet, and socket in. I like the idea of hanging the folding chairs, they are always in the way. Screw a pool noodle to the garage wall and cut slits in it to hold the rods. Keep craft supplies, tools, and other odds and ends in a cart that has an assortment of drawers. But you had to line them up just right for it to work, and it was a huge pain. And I am constantly struggling with organization. Sort the keepers into broad categories for example, sports equipment, hand tools, and place them in well marked cardboard boxes or, better yet, stackable clear plastic bins you can use later. Storing it in a garage will keep it a lot cleaner and could help prolong its life. They didn’t fit neatly in the space we had for them. Are all of your long handled cleaning tools think: brooms, mops, snow shovels leaning together in a corner of your garage. Each one can be dedicated to a certain type of item so you’ll know where everything is. Our signs just said “Yard Sale” with the address at the bottom and an arrow in the middle pointing the way to treasure land. But even hanging bikes can take up a bunch of room. But you had to line them up just right for it to work, and it was a huge pain. Don’t waste all that space between joists in a basement or garage. When you stack multiple boxes, it’s easy to access any pair thanks to the drop front opening. But I’m doing my best to try. This means that every time you visit this website you will need to enable or disable cookies again. In addition, clear shoe containers are easy to stack so that you can save space in a closet. Holes in the edges for the 1/8 in. Use spring action to store your bike by mounting a claw style bike hook on your garage ceiling or rafters. We have one on the back of the outside of our house as well. Mount this garage storage idea near your work area so you don’t have to go far for what you need. These ideas are not limited to dedicated workshops they also make great home storage solutions ideas, garage organization tips and tricks, and so on. Storing your bikes inside your garage makes sense, but finding a way to do so isn’t always easy. The drawers are great for tooling and supplies and the locking casters provide enough rigidity for many operations.

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Woman’s Day asked experts about the best and simplest organization methods for all of your rough storage in your garage. The best strategy is to add a layer of three quarter inch plywood over the drywall or bare studs. Shop online for everything you need to get the garage in order. The drawers are great for tooling and supplies and the locking casters provide enough rigidity for many operations. We hope these 7 garage pegboard ideas have given you a starting point on getting organized. We had installed ALGOT in 7 closets before we used it in our garage, and it had always held up well, so we were confident that it would be a great fit for the garage too. If wall space is at a premium and hanging yard tools isn’t an option, another garage tool storage idea is to keep everything against a wall with wood pallets. First, an overview of our steps for organizing your garage pegboards. When you need to organize items that aren’t hidden in a closet or cabinet, it’s important that your storage solutions be both practical and attractive. That gives you a continuous fastening surface so you can mount storage hardware easily, arrange items in a space efficient way and cram more stuff onto the wall. I don’t like taking leftover items that don’t sell to Goodwill or thrift stores.

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If you mount hooks, brackets, and other hardware only on studs, you’re wasting lots of opportunities for garage wall storage ideas. Prices, Promotions, styles, and availability may vary. And the best part is, you’ll barely notice that the racks are there. If your items fill up several plastic containers, stack them on shelves. By Anna Cottrell•Published 6 October 22. We also used a couple of their workbenches to extend the worktop, sliding some base cabinets on casters underneath that can be pulled out and used as even more worktop space. For safety reasons, don’t store these items your garage. If you wish to feature one of my projects, feel free to share a single photo no collaged images, or images with text overlays as long as the no pin code is used to prevent my image from being pinned from your site. ” His ideal is being able to find things at a glance without rummaging around in a bunch of drawers. They make great storage units in your garage. Gladiator’s GearWall makes it simple to peg a wheelbarrow safely and securely to the wall. We love how chic this wall looks with everything nicely hanging up. That door you see peeking into the left of the picture leads to our mudroom. Things that we use more seasonally– like sleds or Donnie’s fishing gear– go up higher because we don’t need to access them as frequently.


Not only do you want to organize like items together, but you also want to organize the whole sale well. The barbell sits on the floor so the main function of the hook is to keep it vertical and out of the way. It might be annoying to make and hang dozens of signs, but it is vital to your yard sale’s success. Pegboard is an excellent way of hanging the garage tools skillfully on a grid. The key to keeping your garage organized is having a place for everything. If this is the case, store tools inside cabinetry that can be locked. And we had wheeled bases that the garbage cans could fit onto to make moving them around easier. Photo via @lifeinjeneral. And climbing into a scalding hot vehicle in summertime is no fun. It’s also an ideal time to paint the walls. Once your garage is clear, make a plan for your garage organization ideas. This cleat system is an attractive and useful hand tool storage solution. Before you add equipment into your space, think about design elements you can incorporate so you can set the a mood that’ll actually inspire you to, well, use it. Take advantage of your garage to create the ultimate workspace. Use hanging rails for sports gear and fishing rods.