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Tips to Create Online Dating Apps Like Tinder to Meet User Expectations

After launching the application, work on it does not stop. If you turned to professionals, of course. Full-cycle companies offer further maintenance, testing and updating of the application. Over time, the application may need optimization or additional functions, it is better when its developers are engaged in these improvements.

Depending on the required functionality and complexity of the application, the mobile app development cost will be calculated. Besides, further maintenance and support of the application are negotiated ong international companies, it is considered the normal practice to offer annual support for an application after its release. Mobile app development services offered by freelancers will cost fewer investments, however, the quality of the app may also be worse.

The main reason for dating apps for all ages to fail is to deceive users’ expectations. Typically, this is due to inconvenient interface, poor functionality and support or security breach. Many say that meeting online over time will replace real-life dating, however, apps help to arrange real-life meetings. This is one of the secrets of their popularity. Here are some useful tips to create a friendly application that meets user expectations.

Join In

You need to think of some fast and easy ways for users to sign up. Major services allow consumers to use their social network or Google accounts to enter the application. It lets them save time and avoid annoying registration processes. The more convenient your sign up form is the more users are likely to choose your dating app from tons of other products on the web. No one likes inserting password and email. It is boring. The best bet is to provide access with only one tap choosing a social or Gmail account.

Some applications let users sign up using their Facebook profiles. On the one hand, he does not have to fill in the profile for the dating app from scratch. It will use Facebook data automatically. On the other hand, none of the Facebook friends will ever know that he is using a dating app, as no information in the timeline will be displayed. Anonymity is another essential feature customers expect from the application.

Matching Algorithm

It is this thing that makes your application catchy and engaging. Several most popular and widely used algorithms, which vary slightly from application to application, have already been created, but there are also quite interesting and unique ones. In order for your application to become popular, you will have to make enough efforts in this area.

Some developers say that dating apps do not need any matching algorithm. They offer simple ways to find people using allocation or preference match. Well, both are actually the types of matching algorithms as well. On the other hand, some popular applications like Hinge will never let you keep in touch with people you do not know. The service lets you contact only friends or people you already know. The app does not have any matching algorithm but is still very popular.

Dine app is another good example of a dating app with a unique matching feature. The application can be integrated with Yelp and automatically arrange a romantic date in a restaurant. A user only needs to pick of three venues he or she likes. A system looks for a person with the same preferences and arranges a date for both users. A great feature to really stand out from other dating services.


The importance of efficient and intuitive messaging within a dating app cannot be overvalued. The entire point of your product is to let people communicate with each other. Otherwise, there is no sense in building a dating application. On the other hand, apps like Tinder let users choose whether they want to keep playing with their match or contact him or her. Most subscribers prefer to keep on playing rather than love SMS messaging.

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